2018 subjects include…

Friday Workshop subjects include:

  • Early Recognition of the Critical Patient
  • Encased, Trapped, Crushed
  • 12 Leads Made Easy
  • The Final Countdown

Saturday & Sunday Mini-Tutorials include:

  • What’s in a History
  • Preparing Patients to Fly
  • Internship Program
  • Getting the Best from my Machine
  • Help I’m Lost Clinical Desk
  • Solution to the Occlusion
  • Your own 10minute Health Check
  • Tips for the Hips

Conference subjects include:

  • Increasing survival
  • Paediatric Sick/Not Sick
  • Assorted LIVE cases
  • Pass it on
  • Looking after ourselves and others
  • Prehospital management of pelvic trauma
  • Training as a Team
  • The Critical Haemorrhaging Patient
  • The Human at the Bottom of the Cliff
  • Patient Pathways
  • The role of ambulance personnel in providing palliative care
  • Interactive cases, what would you do?